Do motor related calculation There are major dimensions of motors for various frame sizes. Compare two different types of frame sizes and refer the motor mounting positions

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Application helps the technical persons do the simple calculation related to electrical motors. Also you can find out the major dimensions of electric motors of built on international standards. You can compare two different types of frame sizes and refer the motor mounting positions

Who Need It

Design and maintenance engineers, equipment commissioning engineers working under chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, power sector etc where the motor are working.


Now never run out of information regarding the various major dimensions of motor which are constructed as per international standards like IEC and NEMA. User also able to compute the amperage and power rating of the motors by supplying the other required inputs. Since the app is also able to compare the dimensions of different frame sizes, therefor can compare the frames of existing to the one selected for replacement. Application provides the mounting positions of motors so user can select the motor of similar mounting type.

Key features of Application:

  • 3Φ and single phase Ampere And Power Calculator
  • Major dimensions of NEMA frame sizes
  • Power (HP) Rating Based NEMA Frame Sizes
  • Shaft key way dimensions
  • Comparison of any two type of frame dimensions.
  • Motor Mounting Pattern And Their Designations for:
    • NEMA &
    • IEC frame types

And the future Version will counting many more...........


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