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Application is very useful for the mechanical or any site execution engineers or students who dealt with the piping materials like flange, pipe, elbows and other fitting material. It will helps to refer the dimensions of piping material of different international standards like ASME, JIS, IS, BS etc.

Who Need It

All the persons who deal with industrial grade metallic piping material. Either they are piping design engineers, site execution engineers, students, vendors, material stockists or commissioning engineers.


It is most suitable to who want to quickly refer the dimensional data of piping material . The application has large dimensional data bank for piping material like flange, pipe, elbows, reducers valves and other fittings. It has the dimensions in many different international standards like ANSI, BS, JIS, Indian standard and others.

Application have the following key features:


  • ANSI B16.5
  • BS 10 Tables
  • API (26" And Larger Size)
  • BS4504
  • BS 3293
  • Flanges (Or Blind Flanges) As Per DIN
  • IS6329
  • IS1538
  • ASME B 16.47 Series A & B
  • AWWA C-207
  • JIS-B2220


  • ANSI 36.10 (With Weight)
  • IS1239
  • JIS 3452 (CS Pipe Ordinary)
  • JIS G3454 (CS Pipe Pressure Service)
  • JIS G3447 (SS Sanitary Pipes)
  • JIS G3448 (Light Gauge SS Tubes)
  • JIS G3459 (SS Piping)
  • JIS C8305 (Thicker Steel Conduit)
  • JIS C8305 (Thinner Steel Conduit)
  • JIS H3300 (Copper Tubes)
  • JIS H3300 (Copper Tubes Refrigerant)


  • ANSI Butt Weld Reducer, Tee, Elbow, Cap, Stubs Etc.
  • ANSI Screw Fitting Of 3000# And 6000#
  • ANSI Socket Weld Fitting


  • Face To Face Dimensions For Metallic Valves As Per AMSE B16.10 For Gate, Plug, Globe,Ball Valves

Common Material Specification:

  • Material Composition (SS Plates And Commonly Used Material)
  • Equivalent Material Specification For Different Standards.
  • Allowable Tolerances


  • Weights Calculation For Plate, Wire, Rod, Bars And Gauge Pipe For Various Commonly Materials
  • Application Has Inbuilt Data For Material Specific Gravity For Common Materials, So You No Need To Google It.

Other Features:

  • Weight Tables For Nut Bolts
  • Thread Counting Per Inch For Bolts.
  • Metric Dimensional Table For Washers
  • Torque Tables For Bolts As Per ASTM A193, A320 And Many More.

And the future Version will counting many more...........

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