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Tool is built to help the engineers, students and persons engaged in chemical, petrochemical, refineries and educational industries. It helps them calculate the frequently arising problems in their daily technical agenda and works while you are in any meeting, discussion, or at site.

Who Need It

Every person engaged in the field of engineering belongs to chemical, petrochemical, refineries, process designing, piping or commissioning etc.


Application has many ready to use calculation which needs some paper work and calculating devices. Calculation like pressure drop, partial and total volume of different types of tanks, pump hydraulics, steam flashing and many more, check out the features section. While you are working at site as commissioning engineer this tool may help a lot when you doesn't have the pen & paper.

Application have the following Calculators:

  • Pipe Pressure Drop Calculation Which Support Various Pipe Fitting, Exit Entrance Losses Having Large Database Viscosity And Density For Common Liquids.
  • Partial Volume, Full Volume, Surface Area, Empty Weight, Hydrostatic Weight For Spherical, Hemispherical, Ellipsoidal, Conical End, Frustum Tanks.
  • Shaft Power Calculation For Pumps.
  • Flash Steam Calculation.
  • Flow Rate, Velocity, Pipe Size Calculation For Pipes.
  • Control Valve Flow Coefficient And Control Valve Gain.
  • Shaft Power Calculation For Fan.
  • Orifice Sizing
  • Venturi Flow Rate Calculation
  • Cooling Tower Process Calculation
  • OEE (Over All Equipment Effectiveness) Calculator
  •  Affinity Law Calculator Added In Pump Section
  • Relative Humidity Calculator

And the future Version will counting many more...........




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