Field process calculator

Field Process Calculator

Tool is built to help the engineers, students and persons engaged in chemical, petrochemical, refineries and educational industries. It helps them calculate the frequently arising problems in their daily technical agenda and works while you are any meeting, discussion, or at site.

Electric motor tool

Electric Motor Tools

Application helps the technical persons do the simple calculation of electricity and related to motors. Also you can find out the major dimensions of electric motors of built on international standards. You can compare two different types of frame sizes and refer the motor mounting positions.

Engineering tool, flange pipe fittings

Engineering Tools: Flange & Pipe Dimensions

Application is very useful for the mechanical or any site execution engineers or students who dealt with the piping materials like flange, pipe, elbows and other fitting material. It will helps to refer the dimensions of piping material of different international standards like ASME, JIS, IS, BS etc.

Complete piping guide

Complete Piping Guide

It is the complete source of piping dimensions, various standards, logic of placing lines into pipe racks, various P&ID symbols, piping abbreviations, fluid codes etc. The dimensions are mostly based on ANSI.

Cooling tower process calculator

Cooling Tower Process Calc

Calculator is having many process calculation useful for the cooling tower performance evaluation. It also helps to determine the design of cooling tower with the actual design and dimensions and process parameters.

Work place safety calculator

Work Place Safety Calculator

Work place safety is very important to every industry of any kind. The existing hazards causes the loss of life and assets. Application gives the ability to recognize the potential of existing hazards by HIRA (Hazards Identification and Risk Analysis) method, TRIFR and many other tools.

Chidiya Udd

Kids Game: Chidiya Udd

It is very interesting and learning application for the kids. It will display the images of many different animals and birds, the users have to click the birds to score within a specified time limit. Kids will learn to differentiate between the various animals and birds.

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